About Us


Acouva, Inc. brings together a group of successful technical experts and entrepreneurs who believe truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds, extended battery life, and sound personalization can make life easier and more fun.  Our earbuds have a modern design and fit along with multiple patents related to our small size, speaker sound, battery life, antenna, and advanced microphone.

About Victor Valenzuela, CTO and Founder of Acouva, Inc.

Since entering the field of design and development of medical devices, Victor found his niche in helping to improve the quality of people’s lives through better hearing.  It all began fifteen years ago when he started working with a team of pioneers from InSound Medical on the development of the Lyric hearing aid: a device that so many people said couldn’t be created due to the size of the ear canal and the components needed for the device to run.  However, when Victor is told something can’t be done, it’s exactly the challenge he needs to motivate him to prove them wrong.  And, that is exactly what happened! The Lyric team proved all the naysayers wrong and developed a disposable, completely in the canal (CIC), hearing aid that is one of a kind, still around today, and loved by many. 

Fast forward several years, Victor partnered with a colleague to start iHear Medical, where he once again created another CIC hearing aid and FDA approved internet hearing test.  During the clinical studies that Victor was overseeing, a 28 year old subject with a behind the ear hearing aid came in and was provided with Victor's small, in the ear product.  Victor immediately saw the change in her demeanor.  She was smiling, and she didn’t feel as though her hearing loss was visible to everyone.  Just as important, the device was comfortable.  As much as it was life changing for the subject, it also opened Victor’s eyes to the value of continuing to create devices that are small, high quality, comfortable, and designed to remove the stigma of wearing hearing aids-which brings us to his newest product, the Acouva.

Victor and team are taking hearing solutions to the next level by designing small, Bluetooth wearable earbuds with personalized sound amplification.  The Acouva AMP has all the fashion, style, and streaming capabilities of a wearable device plus the advanced technologies of a hearing aid to provide an elevated listening experience.  Whether consumers are looking for improved overall sound quality or have mild hearing loss, they will not stand out, but will Fit Right In. It’s time to shake up the earbud and hearing aid industry, and Victor is just the person who can make it happen with Acouva.

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